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November 13th, 2003

12:09 pm - Pictures
I am putting together the December issue of Xcitement. Anyone have any pictures they want me to put in the back of the magazine in the RAW section?

I really wish I could find some Christmas type pictures of you guys.

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November 6th, 2003

11:28 am - x-posted - Porn in Atlanta
Each month I try and find different stories in the adult world to cover. I need 4 stories a month.

I have fun stuff to cover coming up in December, but I cannot find anything going on in November.

Due to some local politics, I am limited to the clubs I can do stories on. This sucks because in the olden days (4 years ago) I had the run of the city and it was great.

Does anything know of anything sex related happening in Atlanta in the next 2 weeks? I am also looking for any porn stars or web girls that might want a story done on them this month.

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October 20th, 2003

01:07 pm - Atlanta Xcitement's Entertainer's Guide
In the October 2003 Xcitement I wrote the Entertainer's Guide to Atlanta. It is rather long and pretty detailed. I thought maybe some of you would want to read it and maybe learn something from it.

This is really longCollapse )

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October 22nd, 2003

10:17 am - Welcome
This journal has been created for ideas and a place for you to post links or pictures that you would want to have put into Xcitement Magazine.

You can also post topics to write about or even write stories if you want to go into the Magazine.

Each month in the back we have a RAW section which is just basically photos of you and your friends hanging out at bars, OR sexy or funny pictures of yourself.

You can also email the pictures to circlek71 @ yahoo.com

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